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Our Services

1 Gig Fiber Internet


The fastest internet speed available. Gig service ensures little to no buffering when the entire family is streaming, surfing, and gaming at the same time. Perfect for smart homes with multiple users who’d like to browse, stream, and game at the same time.

  • Unlimited connected devices.
  • Stream 4K content.
  • Online gaming.
  • Great for supporting smart home devices.
  • Enough speed for everyone & everything.
  • No Data Caps!

500 x 500 Mbps Fiber Internet


For the cost-conscious customers, get 5X your speed for only $10 more with our 500x500 Mbps option. Internet access has never been easier for your email, web browsing, and streaming. Perfect for homes with a family of users. Get your family the speed they need with Citizens Mutual 500x500.

  • 8-12 Devices
  • Stream HD Content
  • Game Online
  • No Data Caps!

100 x 100 Mbps Fiber Internet


Fast internet access for email, web browsing, and streaming. Perfect for homes with a small number of users, get connected to fiber with our 100 Mbps option today.

  • 3-5 Devices
  • Stream HD Content
  • No Data Caps!

Managed Home Solution


Worried your router is not up-to-date? Have too many wifi devices and no idea how to connect them? Managed Home has what you are looking for. With this service, you receive a premium wireless router, router support, and troubleshooting from your home network. Help manage your network and sign up for Managed Home today.

Video Service


You won't find a more comprehensive video lineup around! From sports, to news, to kids' entertainment, to food channels, Citizens Mutual has you covered with over 300 channels dedicated to content you know and love. Keep yourself informed and entertained with Citizens Mutual video service today!

Telephone Service


Stay connected with friends and family with Citizens Mutual telephone services. With Residential and Business services, we are here to meet whatever needs you have for your phone systems. With a great selection of call features (Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Voicemail), Citizens Mutual is dedicated to keeping your calls connected!