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Citizens Mutual Fiber Internet

A Technology you can RELY ON

A Company you can TRUST

For over 100 years, Citizens Mutual has provided rural Davis County with premium communications services. From traditional landline phone services to advanced gigabit-speed fiber optic internet, Citizens Mutual has remained dedicated to advancing our technologies with the needs of our members. As a cooperative, each and every member is an owner and we keep that in mind as we continue expanding our network to new areas. With over 150 years of combined experience, our staff has the skills and the know-how to get you connected to our high-quality service.

We are now expanding into rural Wapello County.  

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Construction & Installation Process

Construction / Installation Timeline

  1. Citizens Mutual will contact members to set up an on-site visit to determine where to bury the fiber optic service line (also called a drop) to the house/business

  2. Construction crews will begin plowing drops from the road up to the house/business

  3. Construction crews will install main line fiber along designated road and routes, connecting to drops along the way

  4. With construction and fiber testing complete, Citizens Mutual will reach back out to members to let them know the service is available!!